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March 24, 2022by KBFC Media

Fellow Fans,

4 long days have passed since our brave warriors gave it their all to bring home our first ISL trophy.

Much like me, I am certain that everyone has endured an entire spectrum of emotions over the last week. And whilst the hurt is still somewhat lingering, I have had a chance to reflect on the entire season gone by.

I still remember the first KBFC game I ever watched in the stadium and it was the final in 2016. The sheer passion of the crowd at Kaloor moved me. I wanted to experience that again, unfortunately the following seasons were not up to any of our expectations. However this season was very different and I wanted to take this opportunity to touch upon a few of the things that made it special.

Firstly the team. The amount of grit, determination and passion on display was and still continues to be contagious. Each and every one of you played for the badge and fought like warriors. Even when things were not going our way, you refused to give in. All of you are an inspiration. Watching you march down the tunnel at Fatorda on Sunday was the happiest moment of the past year for me, as I’m sure it was for the thousands of fans that made their way down to Goa  – so thank you for that.

To the staff behind this team – Karolis, coach Ivan, the entire support staff, and the operations team. The efforts behind the scenes have been as inspiring as the performances on the pitch. We keep reminding everyone to trust the process, and this season is a vindication to our approach. The early signings, the long pre-season, the faith in youth and the numerous hours spent on “shutting up and working harder”, all of it has borne fruit. The sheer number of records broken this season is a testament to your work, some of which are:

  • Most points accumulated during the season
  • Highest number of playing minutes (5087) to U-21 players in the league
  • Most wins in a season
  • Most goals in a season
  • Least number of losses in a season
  • First Golden glove along with the most clean sheets in a season
  • Least goals conceded in a season
  • Longest unbeaten run

You have been the pillars driving this exceptional team this season so thank you for all your effort.

KBFC has not just taken massive strides on field but also off the field too. Our team has structured associations with some of the country’s leading brands who supported us throughout the season. We had the most number of partners and sponsors of any ISL team and I want to thank each of our partners for being a part of this journey with us. Our marketing and media teams have churned out world class content every step of the way. With over 130+ million interactions on Instagram in the last 12 months, if KBFC played in the Premier League we would be 7th in the number of interactions on IG. We recorded more video views on IG in this past year than all other teams combined. A testament to the fact that KBFC truly is a global sports brand! To our friends in the media, your support has not gone unnoticed. Thank you all for the support you have given the Club this season.

As much as the rivalries, fights, and competition on the field, all 11 clubs and members of this league remain united in our mission to further Indian football. To that, I would like congratulate Jamshedpur and Hyderabad, two new teams that won the ISL shield and trophy for the first time. Like I said to Varun, my good friend, and owner of Hyderabad FC, before the game that regardless of the result, football will win. It definitely did.

Last but not least, all of what I have written above is irrelevant if not for the most important part of KBFC – you, the fans. The support and the love you have given us throughout the year has moved me to tears. From the beginning of pre-season till after the finals, your passion and adoration was always felt. I am lost for words when I see the videos. The videos of the 12,000 fans that travelled to Goa, the millions who celebrated in Kerala and the tens of thousands across the world who hoisted our Yellow flag. From Dubai to London to even the Niagara Falls. Screenings at the Dubai Expo to every single panyachat in Kerala, your support was felt by the team, I can assure you that. Every one of you is the reason why Kerala is the home of football, not just in India but in Asia. I also want to give my condolences to the family of Jamsheer and Muhammad Shibil, our two fans from Malappuram who lost their lives in a road accident whilst riding to Goa for the finals. Jamsheer and Muhammad, you are both with all of us in our prayers and thoughts. Now and always.

The objective was the cup. And we fell short by a whisker. We were two minutes away from history. There was heartbreak at Fartoda, but that is now in the past. We lift ourselves up and we go again. I would like to assure you that planning for Season 22/23 has already started. The team has already started their work and I am sure you will be hearing very soon from your friend Psycho Admin.


Your fellow fan,

Nikhil Bro





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