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January 15, 2021by KBFC Media

Kerala Blasters FC Head Coach Kibu Vicuña and player Juan de Dios Prados López addressed the media ahead of the eleventh league match this season against SC East Bengal. Coach and Juande spoke about the game and much more.

Kibu shared his thoughts on opting to play with two strikers.
“Every game is different and every team we are going to play against is different in their structure and style. What we are doing is to look at the players which we have, the structure in which we are more confident and try to put the best team possible. it is true that last game Garry and Jordan performed well together.”

He added, “It depends on the season, the players you have. For me, formation is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the style that the team knows. We are going to play very clear, that is the most important thing. I play with two strikers, with three, with one, different formations, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, 442 flat, 4-4-2 diamond, 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1, its not the most important thing. As Menotti said, formation is like a telephone number. It’s only the number and the important thing is the performance of the players, the style and the team.”

Kibu talked about the game against Jamshedpur FC and praised Valskis as he said “We were leading 3-1, we lost the ball in the midfield line. The movement of Valskis is fantastic, because diagonal movements are very difficult to defend. We could indeed have done better, but the important thing is that we won the game and we are working on these aspects that we have to improve.”

Juan de expressed his happiness on joining Kerala Blasters FC, “When I arrived here, it was amazing because I didn’t expect this kind of a welcome from the fans. I understand that this is a big club in India and I’m very happy to stay here. All I can say is thank you for the messages. It’s good because I feel at home. I also thank my teammates as I received a very good welcome here.”

He explained the circumstances which led him to join the club, “Because when the league finished in Australia, where I last played, all the leagues in Europe just started. I remained free in the market. There was a possibility to come here. I spoke with the coach and I liked the idea so I came here.”

Kibu was seen animated at the sideline during the last game against Jamshedpur FC, on being asked about that, he said “I think some days you are more into the game and you have to talk too much. It was a very important match of intensity and had to be aggressive in the field. We are also playing out in the field, everything with respect. All the messages for referees, the fourth officials are always with respect. The important thing is to perform well. It was good and we won the match.”

Kibu shared his thoughts on the injuries and suspensions, “We have to look for the best formation. Also, you have physical problems, players can not play and give their hundred percent because of the injuries. One time we had three or four defenders with injuries or with cards. Costa was sent off earlier, Lalruathara was sent off in the last match. We are always looking for the best formation for every game.”

Kibu when questioned about Facundo said “We are working with Facundo, normally as always. He is an important player for us and he is performing quite well. Nothing else”.

Kibu shared his thoughts on Juande “We are very happy that Juande is with us. He is a very good player with a lot of experience. He can help us in different positions. He is a fantastic defensive midfielder. He can also play in the position of a central defender.”

Juande shared how he prepared during the quarantine period, “For me it is work. Last two months I worked a lot under a professional trainer. Also, if you work a lot in the room, you lose a little fitness. But it’s okay, now it has finished finally. I’m ready for training every day and I’m excited. This is important here. I’m very happy coming here, a beautiful country like India I don’t need anything more.”

We have conceded a lot of goals and speaking about that, Kibu said “The most important thing is to score goals. When you are conceding and are scoring more, the morale is high. We are working on that and the important thing is that we are creating more chances and we have to continue this to have a balance and try to reduce the opponent to create fewer chances.”

On being asked about the Indian coaches, Kibu said “I have a lot of respect for all the coaches. That I can say. I don’t know the knowledge and their background but I have a lot of respect for the coaches. If they are in the team, for sure it’s because they have the quality and the ability to be there.”

Juan de shared his thoughts on our team “I saw a lot of games in the quarantine. I think we only need to fix small details. In the end, the attitude and the spirit of the team are there. I came here to help the players and the staff. No pressure for me, it’s only football, I did it all my life. I’m more excited. We need to work, fix more details, and continue with the attitude, the experience. I feel when I start to train here, a lot of things will change. I have good confidence in this team.”




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