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December 5, 2021by KBFC Media Desk

Headcoach Ivan Vukomanović and captain Jessel Carneiro spoke to the media ahead of our first home match at Tilak Maidan, where we will be hosting Odisha FC this Sunday night. The skipper and boss spent over half an hour with the press, where they talked about injuries, the clash against Odisha FC and much more.

Ivan on finding the right balance with the team.

“You know, there is this interesting thing in football. When as a team, you want to play attacking football, press high and everything, it opens up some possibilities to your opponent. Then if you concede some goals, then everybody starts speaking, but the defence is poor and then when you play a defensively good game and you create chances you say like, you know, but we didn’t score goals and this is football. So actually in football, you have to find the correct balance between your defensive work, not proceed with goals. Of course, the clean sheet is the best thing that you can have as a team and also to create chances and score goals. So that’s what we are trying, the correct balance between chances that we can create and not conceding goals like that, you can be a strong team. So actually I think that many teams are suffering more than us in some aspects, we want as a team to work hard and harder on many things to become better and to be the team that they can participate in this ISL. So this, is what we are going to achieve.”

Ivan on Chencho not getting enough minutes and his answer when he was asked about whether he was using Chencho as a super substitute.

“No, not per se. Because I think that all the foreign players we have, they have quality and all of them have the quality to be in starting eleven. The fact and the bad thing from our side and also from the other clubs’ perspective is that there is the rule that you can only allow four of them. But all of them are good. And I think all of them can participate in being starting eleven. So for us, as coaching staff also is quite puzzling to find the correct formula. I’m really happy with not only Chencho but with all of them and the qualities they are having, they are showing it in the training sessions. So actually I like having them all altogether on a pitch but it’s quite impossible. So that’s why sometimes we have to puzzle one of them. So two of them are on the bench, this is what you have to do.”

Ivan shed some light on injuries.

” Seitya had a small issue during one training session. Not long time ago. And we, with medical staff, decided to prevent and to anticipate certain things because if we see the length and the short term of ISL, we want to avoid stupid decisions and stupid moments, throwing some players, how I say in recycle and making the risk to miss the whole ISL . So with Seitya, we were prudent. We were very careful. He came back in the training process couple of days ago. He is fully available for tomorrow’s game. Today we will have the training, so far we didn’t have any trouble, except Rahul K. P who is already in recovery.”

Jessel on the teams’ performance so far.

” For me, I’m trying my best to adapt to what the coach wants me to play. About the team,
we are doing very well and are adapting to whatever steps we are going through and whatever the player needs to play on the pitch to win the matches, we will do it. We will be there, but we are working on ourselves every day, whatever is good for the team, knowing about the opponents we play and doing whatever is needed to be in the match.”

On being asked about Odisha FC and their set-pieces, Ivan didn’t forget to praise the opponents and their quality set pieces and he mentioned that it will be one of the aspects which the team is preparing, but not the only one.

Talking about the youngsters of the team, who are yet to get some minutes, the gaffer said

” About the goalkeeper position, I rather give the authorization to our goalkeeping coach, because he is the guy who is working with them knowing all possible details, with the coperation we will make the decisions”.

He added that it’s happy to see youngsters like Vincy, Givson, Ayush, Hormipam and more who are trying to find their way and talked about giving them playing time in the ISL soon.

Ivan on Nishu and his comeback to the team.

“First of all, we are really glad that Nishu is back after such a long unpleasant period for him, he is back with the team, he is building up his fitness levels and all the things which he was missing in the previous six – seven, I think even longer (months ). Now, he is in a period of improvement and getting better every day.”

The coach praised the versatility of players like Nishu, Vincy and Sanjeev Stalin who can play both as wingers and wing-backs. He added that Nishu is coming back, he is building up his game and we can see him in different positions this season.




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