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December 25, 2021by KBFC Media Desk

Kerala Blasters FC head coach Ivan Vukomanovic and Spanish attacker Alvaro Vazquez addressed the media in an online press conference ahead of our home match against Jamshedpur FC this boxing day. The duo spoke about the teams’ performance so far, aims and much more.

Ivan on Jeakson and Puitea

“Both of them, also a couple of other guys, have a huge potential, possibilities and all the other aspects that give quality to this team. Of course, by working hard with consistency, these players will get more self-confidence and that’s how you improve in football and become better. I’m glad to see how they evolve, how they become better, how they enjoy playing together and playing with the team. We observed and analysed before this season that they have potential and as a coaching staff we wanted to use them, so that’s why we are continuing to do it in the same way and we are happy with our midfield players.”

Ivan on Kerala Blasters’ fans

“It’s a huge support. We know that many of them are supportive and willing to see our team play like this, winning games and believe me, here in Goa we feel that support, that warmth, we feel everything they are sending to us. As I said, I’m sorry that we cannot play these games, have those victories in our stadium, in front of the magnificent crowd. Hope that it will come soon and this pandemic will end, we will have the possibility. It’s huge, huge respect to them and hopes that we all continue like that, big thanks to them.”

The men in yellow have played against Jamshedpur in the preseason and on being asked about whether there will be changes, he said,

“Yes of course, because it was the period of a pre-season and they are completely different games. Now almost in the middle of ISL, both teams are playing differently with a different approach and different mentality. Tomorrow I suppose, it will be a very hard physical game, tough with a lot of runnings. So we will see tomorrow, let the better team win.”

Ivan on finishing top of the table

“Every team, when you start the season aim as high as possible. But there are many circumstances, obstacles and opponents that you will face. Now in our situation, like I was saying before the season, we are the team who ended up second from bottom last year. Our goal this season, If we compare to last season, we have to shut up and work hard. That’s all and then everything that comes extra to us is welcome. Now in this situation, we just want to continue building up, because, in football, it’s all about momentum. When you are sitting in good momentum, you have to continue building up, working hard and playing game by game, then you will see what will be the outcome. So far, we have a good atmosphere, a good team, we have cohesion in our team that gives us confidence and of course, as I said before, every game for us is difficult, every game for us is different. So all the opponents we saw in the previous games, anybody can beat anybody. In this league, we have to stay focussed and concentrated and go game per game. Then we will see in one moment where it will take us. If it’s high up the table, of course, we are happy, that will be welcomed. If not, we will work hard but we do not have to forget from where we are coming from, previous years and everything as a club, we have to stay humble, as a team we have to stay together with the force to continue and try to collect the points. Later on, we will sum up when we are closer to the end and see what are our objectives.”

Ivan on the tight fixtures.

“We knew beforehand that we will have this kind of calendar, those fixtures close to each other. As a team, from a fitness level with our coaching and medical staff, we are working hard to have the players fresh for the game, especially in the short term when you play every three days. This is the coaching job, together with the medical staff and all the other compartments to prepare everything, to have everybody ready, we are used to doing it. In this job, you have to deal with those things on the highest level as well, when you play champions league, national team and all these duties. We are ready to face it and we will see, we have tomorrows game and then we have one week to prepare the next one, so we will deal with that. Whatever it is, we don’t want to use it as an excuse, also they are professional players, they know the job and that’s how it goes. We are not worried about it.”

Our striker Alvaro Vazquez has plied his trade in La Liga and Premier League in the past and on being asked about the difference there and in the ISL, he said,

“I’m very happy to be here, it’s a great league, great players, the Indian players surprised me positively. The Spanish league, La Liga and the Premier League are the two best leagues in the world, and it’s very different, but I’m very happy, I must score goals here, win the games and continue.”

The number 99 and Jorge Diaz have shown good chemistry on the field and talking about that he said,

“It’s very easy to play with Jorge, he has good movements in front.”
The coach explained that both Jorge and Alvaro understand each other’s movements, which makes it easy for them to play together.

Alvaro also added that it’s great work for the medical staff to manage the players in these successive fixtures.




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