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January 10, 2021by KBFC Media

Kerala Blasters FC Head Coach Kibu Vicuna and player Prasanth addressed the media in an online press conference ahead of our clash against Jamshedpur FC. Heading towards the tenth league match, both of them shared their thoughts on the game against the Red Miners and much more.

We had a disappointing night at the GMC Stadium after the loss against Odisha FC. Kibu went through his emotions and he expressed, “It was a difficult night. Since that match, we are preparing for the match against Jamshedpur. We trained yesterday, we are going to train today and are going to prepare for tomorrow’s match. I think they were better. The game completely changed when they scored the second goal. We started well but we didn’t play well. They played better and we reacted late, in the end, we had the chance to come back, but it was not enough. In football, we have to come back. We have to show personality and have to show that we are a good team.”

Local boy Prasanth has been a part of the Yellow Army for more than five years now. He shared his thoughts on the team’s current performances, “It’s a difficult year and for the past couple of years, it has been the same. it’s all part of the game. Personally me, and everyone in the camp wants to perform and help the team and I’m looking forward to that.”

Prasanth was seen portraying the position of a full back, which is a new position for him. He answered about the competition within the squad, “Competitions happen every year. For me, I have to give my hundred percent in the training sessions and in the matches, the rest is up to the coach.”

Kibu added his ideology for the next games and is optimistic about learning and correcting the mistakes, “I think we have to correct the mistakes and not commit it in the next matches. You can’t change the formations, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be better. Our objective is to perform and play better. In the last match, we didn’t perform well. But, we have the opportunity to perform well today, to play a good match, and to get a good result.”

Our newest addition to the family, Juan De will be available for training from Monday. The Coach said, “I’m happy that he is going to be ready by Monday. We will see his condition, tomorrow’s game. Hopefully, we are going to play well and perhaps the best solution is to continue with the same team.”

Kibu shared his insights on our opponents as he quoted “It’s a team, that again is one of the best team in the league. They got very good results and they are an intense and aggressive team. We are ready and we are going to play the match with confidence, focusing on what we have to do to get the points.”

Prasanth shared the mood of the camp “Everyone is disappointed, but we have 11 matches left, there is enough time for improvements. Everyone is correcting their mistakes in training and is working hard.”

Kibu also shared his thoughts on the style of football and the results. He said, “It’s not a question of style. It’s about getting the best results with the team we have. The teams are different, the players are different. In my opinion, we started well this season and now we are making some changes. We are not playing the same. We are trying to improve and correct the things that we have to improve and get the best results with the players we have. I’m sure that this team can get good results.” Kibu also added that his philosophy is to approach the game to the game style of our opponents.




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