Rene Meulensteen laments Missed Opportunities

by Admin on Dec 04, 2017
Kerala Blasters head coach, Rene Meulensteen was disappointed that the team couldn't come away with all three points against Mumbai City FC on Sunday. The Dutchman rued the missed chances and answered comments from the journalists in his post-match press conference.

"We created a few fantastic chances but the lack of composure and a lot of times a rush of blood makes you miss those chances. As soon as you score the second goal, it settles you down, as long as that does not happen, Mumbai is still in the game.

They cause us one or two dangerous moments but again, the goal that we conceded could have been avoided because it came from our mistake in my opinion. So it is two points lost in that respect from our point and a point gained from Mumbai’s point of view."

At half-time, Rino Anto had to be taken off and Lalruatthara was moved to the right side. The Mumbai goal came from the right-hand side, do you think the alterations brought Mumbai back into the game?

"When you are creating chances and you don’t take them, there is always this moment of nervousness that one mistake or one attack can turn into a goal.

If you look at Mumbai, they could have scored before where they hit the post and the other was the goal they scored. Other than that, there wasn’t really that much of a threat. But these are defining moments and you have to deal with them.

But what I think is very instrumental or identifying for the ISL in general that a lot of chances are coming from teams that make mistake then the other team reacts on that."

Have you given Berbatov a free role in central midfield to go and open things up?

"Yes, he is the sort of guy that can read the game. We want to get him on the ball, he’s calm, he’s not losing the ball, he’s an easy player to get on the ball and then you can start the attacks.

You have to bear in mind that when players also get into their late 30s and they get a bit older, they lose a little bit of that explosiveness. So they have to adapt their game a little bit.

I think when he is in that midfield spot, we can feed him and a lot of good things can happen from that which we saw today. I mean, he played some excellent passes when we got in behind the [Mumbai] defence."

Considering the options in midfield, are you looking to experiment or for further options in midfield against Goa?

"We look at every game and Goa will probably throw something different towards us. For us, it is an away game, for them, it is a home game. We need to look at what players we have in the squad. CK Vineeth will be suspended for the game, so automatically we will have to look for different options there.

Other than that, it is a shame because if we sat here with a win behind us, I think everybody would have said, well listen, this is by far a more positive performance than the other two. We did play well, we did create the chances, the next thing is now we need to take them.

If you can create ten or more good chances, you have to score more than one goal."
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