Rene discusses Berbatov’s role ahead of FC Goa clash

by Admin on Dec 08, 2017
In the previous game against Mumbai, Dimitar Berbatov operated in midfield. Will the trend continue or will he play upfront now that C.K Vineeth is suspended for the game against Goa?

- We are still sort of fine tuning and sometimes with players of his caliber, you know the qualities Berbatov brings to the table, you need to think a little bit outside the box.

You want your best players on the ball, a lot of you have to realize, when players are playing up front and when they go over the 30 age mark, 30-35, when they're getting old, they lose a bit of explosiveness and the speed that they have, but they have plenty of other qualities to play in other positions and that's basically what we're trying and it has no effect on whether C.K is in or out.

Berbatov has played football at the highest level, now he's playing in the ISL and you can see that sometimes a pass or cross does not come to him as he expects. Does that leave him frustrated or does he have to make any adjustments to his game?

- It's a good question and a fair observation, that is what I think a lot of top players would experience when they have played at the highest level and come to the ISL which I think is still emerging. There are a lot of young players with very good potential in India but they still have to learn a lot.

Top players have certain expectations. I've certainly had this discussion with Berbatov because we both know what's required at the highest level and what we can expect so it's important that we have realistic expectations and we adapt.

As long as we get the process in place so that the Indian players keep progressing because we want to take them to a higher level. Not only me as a coach, I'm sure Berbatov as a player also wants that as well.

He has to take into account that this is a young emerging league with a lot of young potential Indian players that still have to learn a lot and he knows that.

What's the update on Wes Brown?
- We are pleased with Wes' progress. He has trained all week, he has traveled with us and he will be in the squad. Like I said, I don't want to take any risks and have to see what to do with him but he was made very good progress over the last week.
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