KBFC vs BFC Post Match Conference

by Admin on Jan 01, 2018
Hard luck today, coach. My question is, Kerala did not have a single shot on target, what are your thoughts on that considering that the 2-3 shots with a target that Kerala had come very late, towards the dying moments of the game? Bengaluru FC, on the other hand, had plenty of shots on goal.

I think we had one more from Courage Pekuson in the first half, I think Mark Sifneos got into a really good position but he didn't connect. But you're right because obviously, we sat out with the five foreign outfield players with a lot of intent to go forward and make chances and everything. But you need to be at your best on the day as well. It was a really tough game, and we knew that. Even at halftime, we knew things had to step up, thought we started the second half better but the penalty basically changed the game. Then you are obviously in an uphill struggle to get back in, try to be even more positive, but it all comes down to quality in the right places and we didn't produce that apart from the flash and the pan from Courage. And then again, if you look at all the goals, they are basically self-inflicted, like I said even if it's 1-0 you stay in the game as much as you can to score an equalizer but if you give your possession away you get punished and that's what Bengaluru did with the quality players that they have.

Would you add on to say that your boys just failed to turn up for the match, considering how easily the last two goals from Miku were?

Yes. It's not good and it's not acceptable. And obviously, the players know that but then it's probably them getting a little bit carried away in the emotion of trying to make up for the goal you got against but then again you can legislate for human error. Simple as that. Obviously Bengaluru with the quality players that they have, they took advantage of it and were easy finishers in the end and we've got only ourselves to blame.

With two goals in the end notwithstanding, I'd like to draw focus to the Kerala Blasters' front line and you played both Iain Hume and Mark Sifneos today, and you've tried Hume alone and Sifneos alone in past matches, but it seems that you don't have too many options to tweak things when it comes to it. Is that a big worry or something that you're looking to address in January when the window opens as well?

We'll definitely look at it and we know that Humey just comes back from his injury and the dead leg tackle that Mark got in the game didn't help. That's why I had to take him off. We have worked it in training and the sort of the partnership between them to play enough with each other and work with each other could actually work really well but you need to have the quality, playing throughout the whole of the pitch and if the quality isn't there then obviously you don't get into areas that you need to be. But we do have to assess, we have got a big game coming up again, only in four days and we've already lost three of our starters, Rino Anto and C K Vineeth was injured yesterday which was a huge blow and obviously Dimitar Berbatov. So that is bad or any team, that's a lot of players that you miss. Hopefully, we can welcome one or two back for the next game.

Are any of the injuries that you spoke about long term?

Let's not say a long long term but I don't we'll see him for the game against FC Pune City and the game with Delhi Dynamos is doubtful as well. So, hopefully, after that, we can make a better assessment.

What on Miku and Sunil Chhetri, the two goal scorers for Bengaluru FC? How did you intend to stop them and what went wrong?

Well, I think looking throughout the game up to the first goal, the penalty, it was okay. Yes, they had one or two shots in the first half but it was a tight and tough game and most of the things we dealt with well. They get any chances, really, and the chances they got were when we were trying to push for the equalizer and we basically gave the goal away in silly areas and they capitalized on it. When those goals came I pushed Sandesh Jhingan and Nemanja Lakić-Pešić forward to see if we could force something into a game that's too risky to take responsibility but at the end of the day it's human error that creates those goals, not necessarily, obviously, they're players that play fantastic football but they are players and they took advantage of our own stakes.

Lakić-Pešić got a yellow card, I think it was his fourth yellow card, which means he'll miss the next game. How do you look forward to replacing him, can we see Wes Brown in defense again?

That is an option. We need to look, we need to assess that and we need to put forward the best possible team. Not many days to recover, that is a bit of a worry and the players that are in their 30s tend to take a little bit longer. So we need to see how they come through it and then we need to weigh our options.

Coach, there are 5 games coming up in 14 days, one after the other and you've already mentioned the issues with injury and about how Wes Brown isn't young anymore. It's gonna be a tough period, are you looking ahead to pick and choose the matches that you feel more of a chance to get the win while look for a draw, maybe, in the others?

We've got Kizito Keziron coming in who like I said is a young player that bring in some energy. He'll definitely have a position in the midfield, he's somebody that can keep the ball moving. I think sometimes that is a problem for us and that I think is one of the most important aspects of the ISL, if you want to be successful, keep the ball, try to open them up with football. Now, in the past, we've seen that when we've done that against Mumbai City FC but we didn't get the win, against NorthEast United we did win but didn't score enough goals, last week against Chennayin FC we should've gone 1-0. So we have the opportunities and the things to do it but it needs to be more of a trend rather than an incident. So with all the games coming up, we really need to basically look from week to week, maybe after all the injuries and the suspension and see how the players recover and the travelling that's gonna come in, how we're gonna deal with it. It's not gonna be easy. The injuries from Rino and Vineeth have come at the wrong moment.
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