Injury updates and talking points ahead of FC Pune City clash

by Admin on Jan 04, 2018
Ahead of the game against FC Pune City, Kerala Blasters assistant coach, Thangboi Singto, spoke to the press about the upcoming game.

So many home games and just one win, what went wrong with Rene and how will you look forward to getting Kerala Blasters to track at least for next game?

Good afternoon everyone. Well, when the season started every team wants to do very well, that is the same with us Kerala Blasters. I mean the results were false but the preparation the intention and the plan has been always to do good on the field and win matches because we are Kerala Blasters and we have the best fans as everyone knows. For us now what most important is tomorrow’s match and what we can bring out of the match in terms of getting points aboard. So, let us see, we are preparing as always as best as we can, and tomorrow is hopefully a new day a new dawn and we want to do something good for everyone especially the fans.

Rene kept talking about the one-touch football and how he likes to play and that’s how in the preseason and first few games we have seen. When you take the touchline tomorrow against Pune City, a team who has just beaten Goa and they have key players like Marcelinho, what changes would you make to what Rene has already done with this team?

I think there is nothing in terms of our planning, we want to do well and more important for us tomorrow will be to score and not to concede, but results may not be on our side not only for us but for other teams also. Our lookout is to pull up our socks and keep head high and produce a football that is beneficial for everyone around Kerala Blasters.

Now that you are so down the table and you have already played so many home matches, how difficult is it for Kerala Blasters to get that much-required qualification spot?

I mean you go to perform well both home and away that is football you see. A good team whether home or away, the top team always plays well away also. It is a cliché people say that at home you definitely have to win but a good team is always progressing forward and they do well away also. For us there is not much to hide around it is all clear, we need to win games and just push slowly up to reach the playoffs.

Do you feel that these fans have been let down by the football Kerala Blasters has played especially this season? The team has been the finalist two times, this season do you think they have been really let down by the football your team has played so far?

This is my first season with Kerala Blasters but I have been following Kerala Blasters since I was there in other places. You know fans want the team to do the best and I repeat from everyone of us in Kerala Blasters from top to bottom, everyday we try to give our best football to Kerala Blasters well it is unfortunate at the moment the results are not good for us and we are very grateful to our fans the yellow army or the Manjappada, they have been always with us.

The atmosphere is electric and the atmosphere is something which in India is comparable to any place or fans in the world so in that we are very very lucky but again for them to smile and be happy and go back home happy we must perform. That we have tried every match whether home or away. We need to step on it better, we need to perform better and hopefully, tomorrow is the day for us.

Could you give updates on injuries regarding especially Berbatov, is he fit?

You guys have better knowledge in terms of this. Most probably we won't be lucky but as I said most of the players are fit and there is not much to worry in terms of who we want to put in the starting 11 and Pritam is still out with shoulder injury CK [Vineeth] is trying his best to give his best he is always there and wanted to bring smiles to fans but sometimes it is not in their hands. Medically it takes time so we have to respect that also. So apart from that, we have everyone available. So let’s wait for tomorrow to see what happens.


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